The Learning Group Actions Problem

Junior Group and Dynamics Seminar, UT Austin -December 2022

JGAD LGA 2022 slides.pdf


The Geometry and Algebra of Computer Vision

Junior Applied Math Seminar, UT Austin - November 2022

JAMS Synch 2022 slides.pdf


Geo(graph)y and Graph Theory

Sunday Morning Math Group, UT Austin - October 2022

SMMG GeoGRAPHy 2022 slides.pdf


Spectral Clustering on Higher Order Network Structures

Data and Algebra Seminar, UT Austin - May 2022

DAAS Higher Order Clustering 2022 slides.pdf


Partition Theory and Generatingfunctionology

Sophex Seminar, UT Austin - October 2021

Sophex Partitions 2021 slides.pdf



Primitive Prime Divisors of the Catalan Sequence

Math For All in New Orleans 2021 - March 2021


Primitive Prime Divisors of the Catalan Numbers and Related Sequences

Tulane University Honors Thesis Forum 2021 - April 2021


Generalizations of Alder's Conjecture via a Conjecture of Kang and Park

JMM 2021 MAA Undergraduate Poster Session - January 2021

poster-HD 1080p