CCAAGS - Seattle WA, June 2022

Gasworks park picnic

BRIDGES - Salt Lake City UT, June 2022

Living Room hike summit

2021 Cohort - UT austin Math Department, May 2022

Pictured: 9/17

Pub Crawl - UT Austin Math Department

Pub crawl Spring 2022 - Assasins

Pub Crawl Fall 2021 - Spicy vs. Sweet

Graduation from Tulane and headed to grad school!

My Undergraduate Advisor, Dr Moll, with Riley Juenemann

Oregon State University REU, Summer 2020

Math For All

Math For All in New Orleans 2020

Math For All Poster Session 2020

Math For All in New Orleans 2021

Math For All Poster Session 2020

The Faces of Mathematicians, Math For All 2020

Math For All 2020

MaTh cLuB @ Tulane University

Linked Mobius strip hearts

MaTh cLuB Spring 2020

MaTh cLuB Fall 2017

MaTh cLuB Spring 2019

MaTh cLuB Spring 2018

Clemson University REU, Summer 2019

Clemson REU 2019

Number Theory Group and a large quadratic partion number